ThreeOrbs covers a large range of technical services.  Founded by Adam Sharp in 2010 when he moved north to Westray, Orkney from Farnham, Surrey.

Adam worked as an Electronics Engineer for many years, then later as a Programmer and finally moving into specialist Information Technology services.  But throughout his career, he has also worked in: Building Industries, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing, Facilities Management, Theatre (backstage), Security and so on.

I would classify myself as one the last breed of ‘Real’ engineers.  Understanding how things work and actually able to design, build, repair and enhance most things that I have ever worked with.  Formally trained and qualified in a variety of disciplines, with a wealth of experience of over 30years in a range of business environments.  With a logical mind for fault diagnosis and problem solving, results in many issues being resolved in a timely fashion.

See our Services page for more information regarding some of the areas covered.