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We offer a large range of technical services for Westray, Papa Westray (Papay) and throughout Orkney and northern Scotland.

Please contact us directly for a full range of our services and to discuss your specific needs, or see the About page for a brief summary of some of the services available.

Emergency services are available whenever possible.  Covering buildings, heating, electrical or plumbing works.

Nibe Sensors

Nibe OS Sensor

In recent weeks, it has become apparent to me that the external temperature sensors on Nibe* heat pumps are very prone to the effects of the Orkney weather.  The image to the right shows the internals of a typical Nibe outdoor sensor that is suffering from the ravages of the local Orcadian weather.

These sensors are critical to the correct operation of the heat pump and its failure can cause incorrect operation or total deactivation of the system as a whole.

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Proportional Heating Valve

My prototype control circuitry for a cheap proportional hydronic central heating diverter/blender valve is progressing well.

The MkI version worked well with just mechanical switches.  Producing a valve which can be set and held in any position of its normal rotational path.  This now allows me to produce a CT (Constant Temperature) valve and control unit for well under £100.  A significant saving on current units,which sell for several hundred pounds.

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Boiler Condensates

Book CoverAvailable for pre-order on Amazon Kindle is my latest publication.  Regarding the consequences of not dealing with condensing oil and gas boiler condensates.  This short and informative publication covers the damage that can occur if the condensate from your condensing boiler is not disposed of correctly, how it should be disposed of and what are the effects of letting this liquid go where it likes.

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