Boiler Condensates

Book CoverAvailable for pre-order on Amazon Kindle is my latest publication.  Regarding the consequences of not dealing with condensing oil and gas boiler condensates.  This short and informative publication covers the damage that can occur if the condensate from your condensing boiler is not disposed of correctly, how it should be disposed of and what are the effects of letting this liquid go where it likes.

This publication covers what boiler condensates are chemically, what happens to building materials if this liquid should come into contact with your property and how this liquid should be disposed of.

Initially a Kindle version of the book is available for pre-order from here.  Full publication on Kindle will be released on 13 May 2018.  I will later in the year release a free PDF version from this web site.

From the Introduction:

In line with energy performance demands and environmental thinking, gas and oil boilers have pretty much moved from standard combustion formats, to the improved condensing combustion formats.
This increases their performance, reduces gas emissions and so on and so forth. However, there is a new by-product from this combustion, that needs to be correctly dealt with.
This document discusses the by-product: Where it comes from? What is it? What if I do nothing with it? What should I do with it?
The document is designed as assistive notes for installers and provides property owners with basic information to verify the facts and installation presented to them by their chosen heating engineer.